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ER Near Me - Richardson

ER Near Me - Richardson


Health & PS - Medical Service

About Us

Unlike traditional emergency rooms, ER Near Me is a 24/7 state-of-the-art concierge emergency care facility, designed with comfort and healing in mind. Walk-ins can expect less than a 10-minute wait before meeting with a member of the medical team. The highly trained physicians provide individualized attention and custom treatment plans to address all types of illnesses and medical emergencies, including infections, pneumonia, broken bones, and head injuries. The compassionate, friendly medical team is skilled in diagnosing and treating illnesses and other medical emergencies in children, adolescents, and adults using the latest technology, including ultrasounds and X-rays. The clinic offers the convenience of an on-site 24-hour pharmacy to quickly fill prescriptions and ensure patients have what they need no matter the time of day or night. ER Near Me also features a relaxing observation suite for emergency inpatient care. The suite is fully stocked with amenities, like drinks and snacks, so patients can focus on their recovery in comfort. For fast emergency medical care, visit ER Near Me as a walk-in. You can also learn more about our Concierge Emergency Care services by calling the location nearest you.

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