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American Bank, N.A.

American Bank, N.A.


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About Us

American Bank Business Finance provides high-velocity cashflow solutions for our business-to-business clients.
What does that mean? When a B2B business sends an invoice to their customer, it's generally accepted that the invoice may be due-and-payable within 30-days, but generally invoices are outstanding for much longer... 60-90 days. It's challenging for a business to extend that kind of credit to their customers, but they do it all the time.
Partnering with American Bank Business Finance gives our clients* next-business-day access to a significant portion of their accounts receivable value, unlocking the inherent value of cash-on-hand to their business.
Call today to start a conversation about how Accounts Receivable Financing/Factoring might be a fit for your business.*

*Subject to credit approval

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