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Various articles written a by members of the Richardson Chamber leadership about topics of interest to the Richardson community.
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Amanda Rockow
Thursday, October 18, 2018
Some entrepreneurs build their businesses as their legacy. Others view their greatest impact as what they leave behind within the community. It is the steps they take to make the community better than they found it. Many of our members look to find the good and praise it. They volunteer, give away their time, providing discounts on products or services, or simply give their knowledge. They work to support charities, children's activities, and seniors. They listen, learn, and act to help others in our community to achieve their goals or meet their needs. Do you hope to leave an imprint? Do you plan to achieve incredible goals both for your business and for our community? As your chamber, we're proud of our members’ efforts to take these steps. We encourage every member to take another look inside to find out how they can build a legacy. Read more
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