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What will become your legacy?

What will become your legacy?

Our members make a difference daily

Why did you open the doors to your business? Today's business owners often say it's because they want to make a difference, fill a need, solve a problem, or support their community. There's little doubt that business ownership isn't just about making money; it's about making a difference. What role will your business play in supporting, molding, and developing our community? That's left up to your goals.

Our members make a difference in many ways. There are countless opportunities to support our community, give back, or open doors for those living here. We've seen members take on incredible challenges or simply offer support.

Members create important jobs

Your business is already doing so. For example, you're creating jobs for the community, which ensures that people can find a way to support their families and to work towards reaching their financial goals. Sometimes, the jobs our members offer can provide new opportunities not otherwise present in the community.

Members empower employees

Our members also empower their employees by providing them opportunities to learn, grow, and expand. Some help to support the educational goals of their employees by supporting flexible scheduling, tuition reimbursement, or continuing education access. These options can sometimes change the future path of an individual, allowing that individual to achieve his or her goals. Many times, these employees use these new skills to better our community as well.  Investing in employees is comprehensively worth the investment from all sides.

Members contribute to the positive culture of the community

Our members also contribute to the positive culture of our community in many ways.  To start, they contribute to our chamber, which works every day to improve the lives of Richardson residents and businesses. In addition to supporting the chamber, they may help to support a sports team by contributing financially or purchasing uniforms. They may help to sponsor an event taking place to raise money for a charity. Though some do so through well-recognized events, festivals, and programs, others do so behind the scenes. They contribute because they believe in supporting the efforts of the organization, residents, employees, or just the community as a whole.

Members are building a legacy

Some entrepreneurs build their businesses as their legacy. Others view their greatest impact as what they leave behind within the community. It is the steps they take to make the community better than they found it. Many of our members look to find the good and praise it. They volunteer, give away their time, providing discounts on products or services, or simply give their knowledge. They work to support charities, children's activities, and seniors. They listen, learn, and act to help others in our community to achieve their goals or meet their needs.

Do you hope to leave an imprint? Do you plan to achieve incredible goals both for your business and for our community?  As your chamber, we're proud of our members’ efforts to take these steps. We encourage every member to take another look inside to find out how you can build a legacy.

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