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ScholarShot, Inc.

ScholarShot, Inc.


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About Us

ScholarShot is a North Texas based nonprofit that supports first-generation students in achieving career-ready certificates or degrees to strengthen the Texas workforce and improve institutional outcomes.

Data from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) shows statewide that only 52% of graduating high school students attempt any postsecondary credential and less than a quarter (22%) succeed. 70% of today’s jobs require some postsecondary credential.
ScholarShot’s 90% success in degree completion for at-risk youth is driven by hands-on interaction with an Academic Manager (AM). AMs are fulltime employees of ScholarShot; they are of color and first-generation college graduates who can credibly advise their Scholars. To date we have graduated 170 first generation students.

We have leveraged the data from our Scholars to create best practices that we share with Texas Colleges and Universities so that they may better serve first-generation, low income students. Practice categories include: available community supports, academic engagement, financial management, student services and interventions. These are the basis for our Texas University Report Card which measures how well Texas public colleges/universities are serving students.

In 2022 we launched a statewide free app, The GapApp (visit to help graduating high school seniors maximize their potential after high school

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