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City of Richardson Richardson Real Heroes


Nonprofits and civic organizations

About Us

The Richardson Real Heroes (RRH) Program was created in 2009, when Ann Eisemann had the idea to promote volunteerism and to recognize the value of volunteers that staff so many of the corporations and non-profits in Richardson. These unsung heroes are the backbone of the Richardson community, making an invaluable contribution to the city and its residents. The Richardson Real Heroes program focuses on honoring those who voluntarily provide exemplary service(s) to the community with no prior recognition. Real Heroes are selected from nominations solicited from Richardson, Texas based companies. In 2023, the organization became its own independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) and is now no longer affiliated with any other entity or organization. We remain committed to continuing Ann’s dream and desire.

Awardees selected by the RRH committee are honored in a public award ceremony held every fall at the Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts. The evening features the recipients in professionally produced videos telling the story of their immense volunteer efforts. This recognition honors recipients’ efforts, which inspires them to continue and others to join in. Businesses are highlighted, giving them exposure and an outlet to grow their volunteer base. While there may be other volunteer awards within an organization, Richardson Real Heroes is the only city-wide on-going program for volunteer recognition.

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