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Wednesday, February 07, 2018
iDream 2018 brought together Richardson 7th-graders with local employers to learn about future career choices.Not only did 7th-graders learn about different careers, they also learned that the road to success is not necessarily a straight one. “I liked how some people wanted to be something else but ended up being another thing and still succeeded,” said one student.The program was an initiative more
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Wednesday, December 06, 2017
Public school funding was one of the issues, and certainly not the simplest, issues facing the 2017 Texas Legislature. To help bring some clarity, the Public Policy and Education & Workforce committees partnered to bring elected officials involved in education and workforce issues together to discuss the challenges of the 85th legislative and special sessions.  Pictured are the legislators with more
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
America has a new job shortage in trade skills. For every five baby boomers retiring in a trade job only one new worker is available. That’s an astounding statistic recently reported by CBS News. Couple that with the havoc created by the recent hurricanes, and you have a labor crisis. Not in specialized H1-B, high-education, high-tech jobs, but in skilled trades, such as electrical, plumbing and more
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