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UT Dallas students help attract international companies

For the fourth semester (Spring 2021), UT Dallas undergrad students will assist international companies in their efforts to expand their business activities into the United States.

The Global Development Initiative (GDI) is a collaboration between the Center for Global Business (CGB) at the University of Texas at Dallas and the Richardson Economic Development Partnership (REDP). The CGB develops globally competent leaders and engages stakeholders to meet future business challenges through high-quality learning, world-class research and collaborative partnerships. REDP is dedicated to building a vibrant and thriving local economy by attracting new investment and jobs to the City of Richardson.

“Eighteen students will get hands-on experience this semester by assisting pre-selected companies with market research and market entry strategies, guided by experienced mentors from the Richardson business community,” said Lawrence P. Howorth, director, Mayor’s Office of International Business. “The program is of tremendous value to students, satisfying course requirements, and also to the international companies receiving high value market research. In previous semesters, students worked with companies from Japan, Sweden, Korea and Canada.”

“We’re now qualifying candidate companies for the spring 2021 semester, looking for five companies that fit our specific criteria. This semester we are hoping to attract one of the companies into the Richardson IQ,” he said. “Candidate companies are in the small-to-medium size category and are recruited from companies around the world that would fit with the Richardson business environment.”

Previous students have so impressed the companies, several have been asked to serve as interns. And at least three companies have expressed an interest in setting up offices in Richardson--however, COVID-19 has delayed market entry.

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