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Top goals 2021

It’s time for putting into play organization goals. Our processes are similar to those of our member businesses. Our focus is making decisions that best engage and benefit our members.

Promote Business Success

  • Establish new connections with at least 10 large tenants and 25 small and medium businesses in the Richardson IQ and CORE districts to enhance their business, make them aware of resources, events and opportunities with an eventual goal of establishing business organizations in both districts.
Foster Member Value and Engagement 
  • Leverage chamber members combined experience and knowledge to advance diversity and inclusion programs starting in Q1 that help the chamber, its members and the business community define policies and procedures that will advance the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices in Richardson.
  • Be proactive in researching and developing the resources in Q1, hosting informational sessions and establishing ways the chamber may assist businesses that were economically damaged by the pandemic.
  • Transition the International Concierge Committee to a broader set of services under the International Business Resource Center
Build Marketing and Brand Awareness 
  • Develop a problem-solving team to collaborate with other stakeholders to solicit, prioritize and set direction about community priorities/challenges by May 31
  • Achieve 5-star reaccreditation; Set strategic priorities for 2021-2025. Review vision, mission statement and core values
  • Implement 75th anniversary logo, timeline and monthly photos and tidbits from the history of Richardson and the chamber, with initial rollout at the Annual Meeting
  • Incorporate leadership and benefit-oriented messaging throughout channels.  Introduce an email campaign to support the growing salesforce prospect pipeline.
  • Communicate initiatives for DEI (diversity, inclusion) effort
  • Develop marketing material for the Chamber 501c3 foundation
Drive Workforce Development 
  • The Chamber will expand its leadership role to attract and develop a highly qualified workforce by raising awareness with chamber members and growing partnerships between educational institutions, the business community, future employees and stakeholders through quarterly execution on a variety of engagement opportunities.
Advocate Public Policy 
  • Advocate our 2021 Texas legislative agenda to our state elected officials and gain at least 80% concurrence from our local legislative delegation on our priorities.
  • Provide input to the city and support voter approval of a 2021 general obligation bond vote.  If needed, form a city issue only Political Action Committee to raise funds and encourage voter support of the bond program.
  • Produce city council candidate forums for our members and the community in contested races for the May council election.
Lead Technology Growth
  • Promote the Richardson IQ to property owners and developers, IQ companies and prospective tenants, and the Richardson and Dallas area communities.
  • Develop virtual property tours of the IQ and CORE
  • Develop virtual RYP participation in other Chamber programs like Executive After Hours
Ensure Financial Stewardship 
  • Produce positive net income for Tech Titans and the Chamber
  • Avoid use of reserves for operating account shortfalls

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