Study finds Richardson’s cultural arts sector a multimillion business

from  at Community Impact

Richardson is often perceived as a tech-powered machine. But behind the city’s digital facade is a bustling cultural arts community advancing the city’s knack for innovation.

In 2017 national nonprofit Americans for the Arts released a study that quantified the economic impact of creative industries across 341 communities and regions.

The report found that in 2015, dollars spent in Richardson by arts and cultural organizations and their audiences amounted to $20.6 million. Revenue to local government came in at $831,000, while the state collected over $1 million.

The majority of funding for the arts is derived through the city’s hotel occupancy tax fund, said Shanna Sims-Bradish, assistant city manager and cultural arts liaison.

The lion’s share of Richardson’s hotel tax revenue is used to fund the city-owned and -operated Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts and Corporate Presentations. Earmarked in this year’s budget for daily operations at the Eisemann was $5.2 million—over three-quarters of hotel tax fund

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