President’s Club profile: DorianBahr

Richardson is more than a business address for DorianBahr.
It’s more than a city with a strong, loyal customer base.
It’s more than a strategic geographical area with the perfect niche clientele.
Richardson is home.
“We are Richardson. We are Richardson,” said Curtis Dorian. “We are a local, home-grown company.”
Curtis and his business partner and husband, Michael Bahr, own DorianBahr Inc., an all-encompassing architecture, interior design practice and full design remodel and design build firm.
The website says it all: “Founded in 1994, the DorianBahr brand quickly became a well-known name in the world of textiles. It was this success that helped jumpstart our expansion into interior design services. Today, the brand consists of our own line of textiles which can be found around the world, showrooms where some of our favorite interior products from tile to light fixtures can be found, a successful interior design company and a design-build firm. DorianBahr is your turnkey solution for all things interior design. When you work with us, you are working with a team that has a rich work history of delivering amazing results.”
After years in the textile industry, from design to manufacturing, and their own corporate-owned high-end showrooms in Dallas and Houston, the company sold their showrooms, scaled back and focused in Richardson.
“We love Richardson to death. I’m involved with so many things in Richardson,” said Curtis. “This is a big city/small town environment.” He serves on the Cultural Arts Commission, his homeowners association, NARI contractors table and other boards, and is a graduate of Leadership Richardson.

“I never thought I would be involved on this level. I never knew that I even liked it, not until I moved to Richardson.”
He found his home in Richardson. “I realized something was missing, something right before I moved to Richardson. I lost my mother when I was in college, Richardson helped fill that nestled group of friends that i had growing up in Houston and it has brought it all back again,” he explained.
“I want to live in a cozy neighborhood; I want that feeling again. I didn’t realize it, but when I got here, it all came clear. It took years to figure it all out. It’s taken all this time to get here.”
“The city still has that old world, mom and pop, neighborhood environment. Richardson gives you that. I hope it stays true to who it is,” he said. “Thankfully, it is a very well-planned out city.”
From traveling the world, he and Michael now focus locally.
“Honestly, Richardson keeps us busy. We have worked other places, but we really concentrate on Richardson No. 1. I’m glad that Richardson is a revitalization city. Renovation is a big market here whether tearing down and rebuilding or updating your home, especially because you love your neighbors and neighborhood and enhancing the property you love now,” he said.
DorianBahr relies on Richardson, because it gives them business and keeps their company alive.
Being involved in the Chamber keeps that relationship strong. “I appreciate all the work the chamber does. You support the local businesses.” But it’s a two-way street.
He encourages other local businesses: “When your business starts doing well enough, try to give back. If you can’t give back financially, try to give your time. Give what you are taking.” While his leadership team regularly attends chamber events, he encourages each of his 10-member team to participate as well.
But his favorite Chamber activity? Leadership Richardson. “I love Leadership Richardson. Some call it a cult; I’m OK with that,” he said. He completed his application in 2006, but just never put the time into actually joining. “I got an award for the oldest application.” Now he’s one of its biggest advocates.
“I like what it teaches you, and I like what you get out of it. It is one of the best programs that Richardson offers.” It’s the snowball effect of getting to know the city, what it offers and how and where you want to get involved.
“Everybody that is involved, they want to learn more,” he said. “I want to meet more people. I want to be a part of a team. Being a part of Richardson, that’s being part of a team.”
While Richardson is now his home town, Curtis and Michael are renovating a house in Athens. His father and stepmother live close by and their daughter lives in Frisco.
And then there is the other blended family -- the dogs. They currently have three boxers….you can’t say you “own” boxers. They have the father and two of his puppies. The mother recently passed away. When the puppies came, adoptive families always adopted a pair.
Now, twice a year, all the dogs and their adopted families get together for a reunion. “They always love and remember each other.”
Love, family, work and dogs: that’s home.