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Podcast: Richland College President Dr. Kay Eggleston

Dr. Kay Eggleston talks with President Bill Sproull about her background, the effects of the pandemic on Richland, the benefits of uniting under Dallas College, and her history with the Malcolm Baldrige Award.

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Some notes:
Dr. Eggleston talks about her background in nursing and how she finally ended up with a Ph.D. in Organizational Development.
She talks about how the school has responded to the covid pandemic. The school has 1000 more students this year compared to the last, but 10% fewer contact hours, as students deal with home issues or international students have been prevented from returning. Except for labs, all instruction is taking place online and instructors are encouraged to stay at home. However, it has shown how many students do not have access to a laptop or broadband. Forty percent of the Dallas population does not have access to broadband, which has been 'sobering.'
With the unification of the campus and forming Dallas College, has led to more unity within the campuses and helping students get their degree though attending different campuses.
They system can now offer its first bachelor degree in early childhood education, and could grow to include applied science and nursing (considered high demand areas).
Richland was the first community college in the US to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2005. This year Dr. Eggleston is serving as the chair of the Baldrige Foundation.
Richland is moving forward with building projects on the campus. The first would be a 100K sq ft building that would work with high school students, and develop for the school of business, particularly a finance lab.

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