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Member profile: Lisa Miller, El Dorado

Service. Connection. Education. These three words describe Lisa Miller’s contribution to the chamber, and the world.

Lisa’s official title is sales leader for the El Dorado senior living community in Richardson.

Her true calling, however, is bringing people together to learn, and support and serve others.

Lisa has worked at the El Dorado for just over three years. Prior to that, she was in the ministry. She helped create the Network of Community Ministries and Career Connections. These services have helped thousands of families since 1992 with financial support, career coaching and other support services.

“Nothing was overly intentional,” she said. “I continually adapted.”

When she officially retired, she wanted to continue serving. “At the end of the day, I want to make a difference.”

After more training, education and coursework, she found her next calling: being an advocate for seniors and their families. She gives her residents, and non-residents, advice and answers to the many questions seniors and their families need.

When the El Dorado joined the chamber, she quickly became involved. She helped create, and serves as a tri-chair, of the new Senior Services committee, which meets on the third Thursday of the month.

Members don’t view themselves as competitors; they act as partners collaborating with each other to serve. “We are a circle of people that serve seniors,” she said.

The El Dorado is part of the Holiday Retirement company. It has 104 apartments offering independent living for seniors.  It offers an all-inclusive environment that allows residents to age in place.

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