Increased focus on mid-size businesses pays off

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September 24, 2017

Early in 2017, the Chamber board launched an initiative focused on increasing mid-market membership. Today, we have reached 60 percent of that goal.


Mid-cap companies are those with 40-500 employees. “These are high-growth companies,” said Drew Snow, vice president of member services. “These CEOs are covering a lot of ground.”


“We’re created opportunities specifically aimed at supporting these companies. For instance, we’re facilitating CEO peer groups so they can meet with others in similar circumstances and serve as a sounding board for each other.”


In addition, the Chamber has identified a number of subject matter experts in areas of particular interest to this group: accounts receivable, growth strategies and human resources, for instance.


A key program already in the works is a partnership between Richland College, RISD and the National Association of Remodelers to help build and improve skilled labor education in high schools.


“There is a tremendous shortage in the skilled labor space,” Drew said. “With so much construction in the region, companies such as home builders and HVAC companies will hire skilled employees straight out of high school.”


Activities such as these that focus directly on the needs of member companies is a major benefit of Chamber members.


Drew Snow, Vice President Member Services
(972) 792-2812