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Debbie Post's can-do attitude helps chamber

There’s a new friendly voice answering the chamber phones these days. Debbie Post has taken over the accounting/HR position and has added other hats in answering the phones and taking staff temperatures as they come in to work. Though starting the job right before the pandemic, Debbie said “I’m adaptable to anything. I thrive on being thrown into a difficult situation. I can figure things out on my own.”

Debbie was wanting to get closer to family, and thus has moved to Dallas from Yazoo, Mississippi. They film lots of movies there, so star meetings included George Clooney (who was filming ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’) and Holly Hunter.

The most interesting job she’s ever done was being a disciplinary officer at a prison (don’t mess with her on any late dues payments!).

Born in Ft. Worth, Debbie grew up on a farm in Oklahoma. “I can fix anything if it’s broken.” We’re already appreciating that as she’s worked to get new air conditioning units for the chamber building last month—a daunting task in any year.

Coming most recently from roles in payroll and insurance, she already has a great handle on the chamber financials and getting to know our members (at least in the database).

If you call the chamber offices, say an extra friendly ‘ya’ll’ to the new voice on the other end.

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