Crime prevention tips

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September 24, 2017

Prepare for holiday shopping season with crime prevention tips from the Richardson Police Department

Christmas is less than three months away. There, I said it.

And along with all those busy holiday shoppers come a few less savory customers.

Take the Office Creeper, said Officer Tommy Davis with the Richardson Police Department.

This guy likes to go into a small business during regular business hours. He knows that the receptionist goes to lunch at noon and probably left her purse in the drawer without locking it. He is even daring enough to slink to the back to look for money, phones or something he can quickly grab. If stopped, he’ll say he’s there to check the AC or drop off a package.

But there are some simple steps you can take, said Davis.

·       Keep at least two people on staff at all times.

·       Install a door chime.

·       Keep few posters or signs on front windows to avoid obstructing views.

·       Don’t take out the trash at night but wait until daylight.

·       Make sure your store alarm is in good working order and all contact information is up to date.

·       If you suspect a shoplifter, “customer service them to death,” Davis said. They don’t want the attention and will quickly leave.


For more tips, visit the RPD Crime Prevention Tips page.

In addition, you can contact Officer Davis at 972-744-4773 for a small business crime prevention visit.