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Certificate of origin eases exporting of goods

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Certificate of Origin is a document used in international trade, which identifies the origin country of the goods being exported. It is a mandatory document by various country customs organizationsIn many countries, the duty rate and the admissibility are affected by the country of origin of the goods. Failure to properly declare the origin of goods may result in delay, higher duty/tariff rate, fine/penalty, entry denial or seizure.

The United States has numerous trade agreements with many foreign countries, and under the terms of many of these agreements, American products receive lower tariff rates. The foreign customs office verifies product qualifications for these preferential duty rates by accompanying Certificates of Origin.

The Richardson Chamber provides a service to members and non-members to have their Certificates of Origin verified, stamped, and signed by a Richardson Chamber staff member. The following procedures must be followed by the exporter prior to receiving the chamber’s stamp:

  1. The Certificate of Origin must be filled out completely and notarized before being presented to the Richardson Chamber.
  2. An Affidavit of Origin and Indemnification Agreement must be signed by an officer of the Exporter and presented to the Richardson Chamber.
    1. For those businesses that are members of the Richardson Chamber, this document can be signed yearly and will be kept on file.
    2. For a non-member exporter, an Affidavit of Origin and Indemnification Agreement must accompany each Certificate of Origin. This document must be provided to the chamber before a Certificate of Origin will be issued.
  3. Fee structure:

RCC membership level price per shipment/invoice
Legacy                          $10
Marketplace        *First 10 are free*            $10
Momentum         *First 25 are free*            $10
Catalyst                *First 50 are free*           $10
Principal               *First 100 are free*         $10
Non-members                      $25

Sample Certificate of Origin

  1. Certification Procedure:

Please adhere to the following steps prior to presenting the documents to the chamber staff to ensure timely processing of your Certificates of Origin:

  1. Ensure that the proper Certificate(s) of Origin for the country to which you are exporting is(are) used for your shipment.
  2. Ensure that you fill out the Certificate of Origin completely and accurately. The Chamber staff is not allowed to assist you in completing your Certificates of Origin and accompanying documents.
  3. Ensure that the product information listed is verbatim to what is on the invoice. Do not leave off product numbers, quantities, or change descriptions in any way.
  4. Do not alter the Certificate of Origin in any way.
  5. Have the Certificate of Origin notarized before bringing the Certificate of Origin to the Richardson Chamber.
  6. When having a staff member at the chamber sign and stamp the document, it is necessary that the exporter bring one copy of the Certificate of Origin form to remain with the Richardson Chamber for our records.
  7. We recommend not to wait until the day of your shipment to bring in your Certificate to the chamber offices since chamber staff may not be available to process your documents. It is best to call the Richardson Chamber office and make an appointment to bring in your Certificate of Origin. Normal chamber office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  8. The chamber staff member has the right of refusal for any document that is not filled out completely or where the information does not match the Affidavit of Origin and Indemnification or is misleading in any way.

If you have any questions about Certificates of Origin, please contact Julie GrauelBeth Kolman, or Shannon Skripka.

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