Ambassador profile: Steve Rolandelli

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March 19, 2018

Chamber membership and participation is imprinted on Steve Rolandelli’s DNA.

His grandfather was involved in his hometown chamber in the San Francisco Bay area. His father was president. Even his father-in-law was president of a similar organization.

And the Richardson Chamber is a natural fit. “Like where I grew up, it’s small enough where you can get to know people,” Steve said.

“In Richardson, there is so much energy on new businesses, and new businesses need to know more customer experiences than they do. So, membership is good for networking and good for business.”

Steve is a senior consultant for IRI Consulting. He is a market researcher specializing in customer/employee experiences. He obtained an MBA from Brigham Young University in 1982 and moved to Richardson when he landed a job in audience research and development.

But his passion may be the drums. He majored in music at BYU. He and his wife are both professional musicians; he plays all kinds of percussion. They were members of the community band for 25 years, but now play in local orchestras, bands and at local events. He and his wife have two daughters and five grandchildren.

Being in the chamber is not just good for building a network.

“When you are a local business dealing with local people, you are going to get so much more information about your local marketplace through the chamber than you could on your own,” he said. “And if you are an individual in a company, do it to meet people and learn about other businesses. It’s an opportunity to be involved with others and connect with other people and your market.”

Sylvia Palmer, Member Services Manager
(972) 792-2816