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Ambassador profile: Kelly Wright

Ambassador profile: Kelly Wright
Ambassador Kelly Wright is certainly not risk adverse.
Building companies is one of the pillars of chamber membership. Kelly epitomizes that. He’s bought and sold about 20 companies during his business career.
Currently, Kelly owns Monster Adz Media. MonsterAdz is a mobile LED billboard company serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They deliver-high impact marketing campaigns at street-level using state-of-the art digital LED technology. Their mobile LED billboards are capable of pinpointing and targeting specific audiences in ways that traditional static and digital billboards located on major highways will never be able to achieve for its advertisers.
Kelly graduated from Texas A&M with an engineering degree. He worked at Nortel for 20 years. He then started her own internet company delivering hosting, wireless internet and VoIP services.
“The Richardson Chamber has been a model chamber organization that has reached into the local city in significant ways and add value to this community,” he said.
“Over the years, I have always enjoyed building relationships with other business professionals and businesses,” he said. "The chamber gives you the opportunity to connect with local businesses to share ideas and serve the local community.”
Kelly is a native Texas and loves that Texans are friendly to others.
“I grew up in Abilene and have always enjoyed the outdoors. I have 3 grown children now and we have had a life of adventure as a family. We have had the opportunity to travel as a family to many countries and experience cultures throughout many parts of the world,” he said.
“Having a strong Christian faith has been a significant part of our family and we all learn how to serve God throughout our life.”

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