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InterLink Employment Survey of North Central Texas

One of the Chamber's primary goals focuses on the workforce of tomorrow. The Interlink survey is a significant tool that helps school districts train tomorrow's workers.

Your answers help supply that data. Access the link below to download last year's report and to participate in the 2021 survey.
Please complete this survey. Your participation is essential.
Deadline is April 25. Participant information is confidential and responses are reported cumulatively. Respondents will receive a copy of the report. 

North Central Texas InterLink, Inc. is a regional nonprofit alliance bridging the gap between business, education and government to develop a quality workforce with a globally competitive advantage, supporting the region's economic development activities by providing information concerning future occupation demand, and the education, skill and training needs of employers and employees.

InterLink brings together many groups to develop information on the future of the workforce in North Central Texas. The alliance includes secondary and post secondary education, business, government, trade and membership organizations, chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, workforce boards and others.

Like pieces of a puzzle, there are many factors to consider when forecasting a labor market such as: the current and historical workforce; the existing economy; current and future skill and education levels of the region's population; demographic trends of the area; effects of technology, changes in business trends and practices, and government regulations; off shoring and outsourcing of the workforce and; other factors. Resources provided by the InterLink's alliance partners help bring the workforce puzzle into a clear picture of future career opportunities for the North Central Texas Region.

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